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C.O. Miller Teen Center

at Hickory Foundation YMCA


The afterschool program at the Hickory Foundation YMCA understands the importance of safety, social-emotional learning, academic success, and the formation of one's identity within the teenage years. In response to this awareness, the YMCA works diligently to ensure the most suitable environment for our after school participants. Each of these criteria are met in the following ways:


Each of our staff are trained to create and monitor a physically and emotionally safe environment by adhering to Praesidium guidelines. Additionally, as of summer 2024, each of our staff will be trained on Youth Mental Health First Aid as a result of our newly awarded Teen Mental Health Grant. 


Social-Emotional Learning:

Our afterschool participants are able to sharpen their socialization skills by engaging in planned weekly activities and games with peers from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, our trained staff are skilled at teaching after school participants to handle conflict of any degree with poise and emotional maturity. 


Academic Success:

The C.O. Miller Teen Center offers a homework room in which after school participants can work on school work with an abundance of resources and with staff who are eager to help. Additionally, communication with parents occurs on a weekly basis, giving parents ample opportunity to direct staff on how to assist their teens with homework. 


Formation of One’s Identity:

Within the teenage years, it is important for one to explore and create their identity. The YMCA recognizes this and works to create an environment in which teens can explore their identities in a safe and controlled environment. Afterschool staff aim to identify the passions of our participants and work towards making space and providing resources for these passions to be explored. 


Lastly, after school at the Hickory Foundation YMCA is fun! It is rare that our after school participants spend their time looking at a screen, as they prefer to engage in the activities that we provide and to socialize with their peers.





Teen Mental Health

In response to the growing mental health challenges teenagers are facing, the NC Alliance of YMCAs is coordinating a statewide effort aimed at supporting teen mental health. Through a $3.75 million grant awarded by North Carolina legislators to the Alliance, NC YMCAs are committed to addressing the critical needs of teens by identifying mental health challenges, providing resources and connections to mental health providers, and fostering supportive communities that understand mental health is part of our overall health.

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Facility Rental

Teen Center Rentals

This fee schedule above is for the use of C.O. Miller Teen Center meeting rooms and includes use of restroom and kitchen if necessary. Facility availability is based on other scheduled YMCA programs and activities.

Entire Facility

This package is intended for organized groups to use the entire C.O. Miller Teen Center facilities including the outdoor pavilion, restrooms, kitchen, meeting rooms (if available) and gaming area.

Use the link below to download and print the YMCA building Rental Request form and Rental Agreement. Complete all required sections and bring it to the Hickory Foundation branch to reserve your required date and time.

Rental Agreement >