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Let us Provide the Place and do some of the work for you! Reserve a date for a pool party or special event.

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Indoor Pool Days and Times:

Saturday: 2pm-4pm and 5pm-7pm 
Sunday: 2pm-4pm


Pricing Information

A person may rent the pool in two-hour blocks. The fee per block is as follows:

Member / Non-Member
Indoor Pool Party $225.00 / $275.00 
Outdoor Pool Party $250.00 / $300.00 
Toddler Park Party $225.00 / $275.00 


Number of Guests

Up to 25 guests are included. If the party is for children we only count the children as part of the 25 guests. Parties are encouraged to bring 4 or 5 adults to help supervise. If the party is adults then they count as part of the 25 guests. For parties with more than 25 guests there is a $2.00 per person additional fee.



The pool rental times are in great demand. Our cancellation policy is 50% refund of the rental price regardless of timing. There will be a $50 deposit to reserve party spot, which is applied to party total. Remaining amount is due the day of party.