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Shuford Ribbon Cutting


January 30, 2024

(January 2024) The Conover community is set to celebrate a momentous occasion as the local YMCA branch, deeply embedded in the town's history, unveils its renovated and revitalized facilities. The ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for January 30 at 4:00 pm, marking the beginning of a new era for the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA.

YMCA of Catawba Valley has three locations throughout the area with the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA nestled in the heart of Conover, the Hickory Foundation YMCA located in Hickory, and the newest YMCA to our association, Phifer Family YMCA, located in Morganton. Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA branch has been a cornerstone of the community for decades, fostering health, wellness, and community spirit. Its rich history is intertwined with the stories of countless individuals who have found not only fitness resources but a second home within its walls.

Many people of the community have been long-standing members of the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA family. Some of their journeys with the YMCA began at the start of the YMCA of Catawba Valley where they were seeking a place to stay active and connected. Over the years, Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA has become an integral part of the community with various programs and connecting lasting friendships to its members.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will not only symbolize the physical transformation of the YMCA but also honor the enduring legacy of individuals who have made this branch a true community hub. The renovated facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment, expanded program spaces, and enhanced amenities to better serve the diverse needs of Conover residents.

The YMCA branch has made renovation to the fitness center with upgraded equipment, additional workout room facilities, bright and updated signage throughout the interior and exterior, beautiful landscaping, a renovated front entrance with multiple seating areas for our members to enjoy the company of others.

In October 2021, we opened the O. Leonard Moretz Foundation Early Learning Center where we now serve over 100 children and families. The Early Learning Center was also included in the renovation as it was previously housed inside the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA. The exterior and interior of the building were updated with bright colors and brought a sense of community to the facility.

Local officials, board members, and community patrons will gather to commemorate this momentous occasion. The ceremony will include testimonials of what this YMCA means to them, a tour of the upgraded facilities, and a dedication to the continued mission of promoting youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

"We are thrilled to witness the rebirth of the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA branch and are grateful for the unwavering support of our community and dedicated members," said Kara Jones, Executive Director of Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA. "This renovation not only enhances our physical space but reinforces our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and well-being for everyone."

Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA invites all community members to join in the celebration and witness the ribbon cutting ceremony that signifies a bright and exciting future for this historic institution. RSVP to Dianna Cloninger at by January 24.

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